A Brief Look at Shammash Ariel's History

Our synagogue first began as a home fellowship gathering for an Erev Shabbat Torah study in January of 1997 with just three couples meeting ...


Rebbe Michael and his wife Winnie (now of blessed memory) began asking the G-d of Israel for guidance in creating a Messianic Community in Pueblo, a place where both Jews and Gentiles could worship together in a relevant Jewish context as one people.


By September that year, this young fellowship had grown to more than a dozen families and could no long be contained in a home. It seemed as a miracle that The Church of the Risen King would open their doors to Shammash Ariel for use on Saturdays. So on the first Shabbat of September 1997 we began meeting on Saturday mornings for worship and teaching.


In the end of 1997, Shammash Ariel obtained a Torah scroll and with a minion present, held its first Torah services. At this time it became apparent that the congregation was lacking Hebrew language skills so Hebrew classes began under Winnie’s tutelage. Within the following year, more than 30 people had graduated from various levels of Hebrew studies. In addition, the first Bar/Bat mitzvah’s were celebrated.


In February of 1998, our host church dissolved and gave to Shammash Ariel their building (and their mortgage) and our congregation had its first real home. After a few short years the congregation would outgrow the 15th St. location. In February of 2000 it was decided to sell the little building and construct a new complex located on a three-acre lot on South Prairie Ave. After many obstacles and delays the new facility was completed on Rosh Hashanah in 2002.


Since the dedication of our shul, we have worked toward building a lasting Messianic community. We have seen our sons and daughters bar and bat mitzvah, we have danced at the weddings of our children, we have known mourning over the loss of our dearest love ones, but in all things good and sad we have given the G-d of Israel his honor. So what can we say about our future, nothing less than, “It remains good to be us”.

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