Who is Our Rabbi?

Once Upon A Time ... As a child of the 60s, Rebbe listened to the music of the great protest artists such as Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Barry McGuire, Crosby Stills Nash and Young ...


If you haven’t caught on yet, he was a hippie, a child of the 60s, a bona fide flower child of the love generation. His was the generation of idealism and the Jesus movement. It was a time in which young Jewish people began to seek out spirituality in order to define themselves by something greater than themselves.


In his 20s he said he was very groovy. He drove a Volkswagen convertible while wearing a long robe and dark sunglasses. He wasn’t cool, he was groovy! In his search for identity and idealism, he, like many others found Yeshua. Shortly after that his first wife now of blessed memory also found her place in God’s universe through Yeshua. According to Rebbe “We were groovy, we were cool, and we were saved! We were Jews who believed”.


He became a believer in Yeshua in 1974. His first ministry would be the creation of the “Sonshine Mission House” a crisis-center in Denver for street youth (1975-1977).


Late in 1977, his family moved to Canon City, where they opened the Shekinah Coffeehouse, and a youth-oriented recreation center “Elohim Alley” as well as a religious bookstore.


In 1980, Rebbe Michael (at that time, just plain, Michael) became the Youth Pastor for a mainline Christian denomination. On July 11th, 1983 Rebbe Marks received his diploma in Pastoral Theology from the Bible Institute of the Evangelical Church Alliance and on March 24th, 1984 he was ordained by the Evangelical Church Alliance.


In 1985, he took the position of Associate Minister in the Willow Glen Alliance Church in California, where he received his second ordination after his completion of studies with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA). In 1988, with his family in-tow he would return to Colorado to plant a new congregation for the Christian Missionary Alliance.


1996 would be the year of change for the Marks’ as they would leave the traditional church to return to his own people and to Messianic Jewish life and ministry.


For the Marks’ 1997 would become another big year of change. On the first Shabbat of 1997, with two families, he and his, wife of blessed memory, started a home fellowship that would eventually become Shammash Ariel Messianic Synagogue. Later that year, Rebbe would author the book “The New Testament and The Law” and along with his wife Winnie, co-authored “Traditions: The Reasons Why”. Rebbe would soon become the first Jewish believer to serve as the National President of Jewish Ministries of the C&MA.


Over the next following 10 years, the synagogue purchased a Torah scroll, bought property, builds a new complex and prospered. Then disaster would strike as the Rebbe would lose his first wife to cancer and a time of grief would over shadow him. But God is good. With the help of his daughters and a few close friends, in time, life would return to him.


In 2011, Roxane Stoll, a retired Air Force medic from the Colorado Springs UMJC congregation would capture his heart. They were married in September the following year. With his wife Roxane now the new Rebbetzin, they lead the congregation together and on their days off, they enjoy motorcycling.


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